We are a ”société de mission”, a French equivalent to a Social Purpose Company or Public Benefit Corporation in the US.

Our main shareholder is the Fond de Dotation JOONAM (or Fondation Joonam;, a french non-profit and philanthropic endowment fund regulated by the law n°2008-776 of August 4, 2008.

The Fondation JOONAM has been created by the founding shareholders of Redlab.Paris to support, in a sustainable way, any action aimed at improving health, the conditions of access to health, and the health conditions of women and girls in emerging countries or in precarious situations.

The Fondation JOONAM is partly funded by the affiliation commissions generated by the JOONBI app. ( a free self-care advisory application, which is owned by the Fondation JOONAM. It is these few % of affiliation commissions that make it possible to finance the philanthropic action of the Fondation JOONAM.