Health and Self-care made simple

More than 50% of Europeans web search for health information, and 80% of Europeans self-medicate. But the truth is that most people self-medicate by either guessing or using their gut. They will prove either lucky or wrong. thus works to bridge this e-health knowledge gap, and to make self-care and self-medicating easier, more transparent and safer.

Our teams create solutions that simplify the entire self-care experience of the people, and that transforms the whole experience of self-care and self-medication.


Test the ”Pharmabot Demo” accessible from the front page.

If the conversational assistant does not open automatically, you may restart the pharmabot using the small bot menu on the lower right corner.

Online diagnosis tools experts have created a range of smart tests which are AI powered e-health tools that bring users precise answers to precise questions.

Smart tests generate highly personalized one to one contextualized content, and empower e-health consumers with clear, scientific and meaningful, self-care and self-medication advice.

Health and well-being data-driven solutions teams design 100% user centric solutions for pharma groups, H&B brands and retailers, insurance companies, e-medias, sports brands and clubs, e-pharma sites…, that simplify in real time the entire self-care and self-medicating experience of their clients.